Student Council 2018-2019


  It’s your choice

 Use your voice

What is a Student Council?

A Student Council is a representative structure for students only, through which they can become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students. This definition of a student council was drawn up by the Working Group on Student Councils. This Working Group was set up and is chaired by the National Children’s Office to encourage the establishment of effective and democratic student councils in all second level schools in the country. All of the partners in education, including students, are represented on this group

Why have a Student Council?

 The benefits for YOU

  • A group of students elected to represent your views
  • Have a say on school issues such as uniforms, school rules and regulations
  • Make your school more democratic
  • Replace peer pressure with peer support
  • Help prevent bullying
  • Get involved in organising social events

The benefits for Your School

  • Equality and respect for everyone involved in the school
  • New ideas and a new point of view • Improved student – teacher relations
  • Support for younger students
  • Build links with other schools through Student Councils
  • A better school and satisfied students, through the involvement of students in planning and decision-making.


Suggested activities of a Student Council

  • Liaising with Principal and Board of Management on issues of concern to students
  • Communication and co-operation with school staff
  • Working with Parents Council in school
  • Co-operating with management and staff on the development of school rules and regulations
  • Be involved in developing the curriculum in your school
  • Involvement in School Planning
  • Having a say in school policies e.g. anti-bullying policy
  • Making suggestions about improving school facilities
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • School newsletter/magazine
  • Links with other schools
  • Getting involved with the community
  • Mentoring programmes for younger students
  • Student Award ceremonies

Student Council Members 2018-2019


1 Armstrong                                               1 Hillary                    1 Columbus

Katelyn Enright                                             Sharice Mills                 Michael Lawrence


2 Austen                  2 Bronte                     2 Poppy                    2 Carroll                        2 Eliot

Lauren Walsh            Kevin Burke               Paul O’ Toole             Sean McKenna                Wojcieah Lada

Blake Dune                Toni Waldron


3 Ferdia                    3 Setanta                 3 Naoise                                          3 Dainu

Sherie Coady             Aaron Kelly                        Gerard Mc Auliffe                        TJ King

Ross Murphy

Migle Dovydaite

Leah Clarke


4 Plunkett                   4 Diarmuida                        4 McDonagh                       4 Connolly

John Joe O`Reilly          Sophie Cullen                       Shane O`Connor                        Ciara Ward O’Toole

Aoife Judge                      Karl Ormsby                                                                                Megan Rodgers


5 Davison                    5 Park                             5 Angelou                                  5 O`Malley

Jamie Brannock           Arianna Gallagher           Adam Bonnell                               Joseph Cambell

Claire Duffy


6 Croke                         6 Semple                              6 Aviva                        6 Thomond

Jamie Murnane            Rebecca McMahon               Hannah Swan

Dylan McGinn             Sean Riley