Bright Programme Counselling Service

Established in 2010 The Bright programme (registered: The B.R.Y.T.E. programme CLG) offers a range of therapeutic interventions to the whole school. 


The programme is fully funded by DCC. Our vision is to create a psychological space that can be used by staff and students to be more self-aware, resourceful and to make informed decisions around relationships in a learning environment. 


  • Student counselling- 23 % of the students have individual counselling each year with Bright.  
  • Group work – 30% of the students receive class /group support / training  Clinical/ educational psychological assessments – up to 20 students per year have tailored assessments.  
  • Staff support and information –All staff can avail of support and information sessions. 


We meet the needs of the whole school by:  


  • Building self-esteem, communication, relationship and team-work skills.  
  • Supporting students during vulnerable transition periods within the school system.
  • Encouraging students to identify, understand and take control of their learning.  
  • Help students to make sense of and name their feelings and experiences.  
  • Assist students to understand the psychological process of adolescence.  
  • Support staff in reflecting on their work through individual and group sessions.  
  • Provide psycho-educational components to student and staff services.  
  • Facilitate family involvement in students’ psychological well-being.  
  • Provide clinical psychological assessment service for students of the school. 


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