Senior Cycle and L.C.A

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This two year programme leads to the Leaving Cerificate examination.

All students must take the core subjects of English, Irish, Maths, PE (non exam) and Religion (non exam) over the two years. Students also take four optional subjects. All students take seven Leaving Certificate examination subjects.

The optional Leaving Certificate subjects on offer generally include:

History, Geography, Business, French,
Biology, Physics/Chem., Music, Construction,
Art, Home-Economics, Politics & Society, LCVP

The final examinations are taken as written papers. There are also practicals in Art & Construction. There is an oral examination in Irish and French.

  • Application to class-work, study and homework over the two years is vital for good results.
  • Honours courses will be available in most subjects.
  • The Guidance Counsellor will advise on important subject choices for Third Level courses.


The Leaving Certificate Applied is a self contained two-year Leaving Certificate Programme aimed at preparing students for adult working life. Leaving Certificate Applied courses are taught on a modular basis.

Major emphasis is placed on practical work, where students “learn by doing”. Tasks are assessed and credits are awarded at the end of each session. There is a final examination at the end of the two years – at the same time as the ordinary Leaving Certificate exams in June. Students may earn 68 credits in this final exam. Throughout the two years there are four sessions. At the end of each session students are awarded credits for attendance, key assignments and tasks.

The Leaving Certificate Applied has three main elements:

1. Vocational Preparation: English, Work Preparation, Work-Experience

2. General Education: PE, Languages

3. Vocational Education: Information Technology (I.T.), Maths and one Vocational Specialism, eg Hotel/Catering/Tourism or Engineering or Construction.

This course was developed to meet the needs of students who prefer a more practical education, with a system of continuous assessment.

The Leaving Certificate Applied is awarded at three levels:

Pass: 120-139 credits

Merit: 140-169 credits

Distinction: 170-200 credits